“Whenever I want a really nice meal, I start dating again” —Susan Healy

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Table for Two

Date Night is the perfect excuse for a fabulous dinner out. Choose somewhere that isn’t your everyday dining spot – a place that is special and romantic. And remember to dress to impress.

Click on the attached links to see my favourite restaurants for romance – I am sharing with you my gold list! I’m continually on the hunt for good Date Night venues so do come back and see what’s new.

These hand-picked restaurants in London, Dublin, Abu Dhabi and Dubai are all romantic venues in themselves, or at least support the specialness of the occasion­—which is the essence of The Date Night Manifesto Principle – Book your Table for Two.

Word of warning: stay clear of all-you-can-eat deals and buffets.  You run the risk of eating ‘past your fill’, which could lead to drowsiness and a bedroom retreat minus the bedroom action.  Not all dining options are designed for romance.

The Date Night Manifesto details pros and cons for all kinds of Dates – so you can be alert to the romantic challenges that you might face!